Charge/block next level

Okay, we’ve showed some charge/block clips that were more or less not too difficult too call. It seems we all know the rules, but sometimes see things from a different perspective. This one, clipped by our hero Sam Subby is a little more difficult.

3 gedachten aan “Charge/block next level”

  1. Nice Photo u put on your site Officiatingscool dudde …

    Offcourse .. we all knoww Anne Panter. Eeehh .. from the Tv.

    Left next to Ann .. is Tamer from Berlin and Right nex to Ann .. is Armin. For me was awsomme to meet such young guys as Tamer and Armin als so in Berlin. Now they are in the Bundesliga in Germany.
    Off course Ann is beatifull .. allso 2 handsome young guysz next to her. Tamer and Armin nice photo guys …

  2. Has he establoshed LGP with 2 foot on the ground? Yes
    Has he moved laterally or backwards? Yes
    Did the contact happen on torso? Yes.
    Further questions??

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