Maestre: Officiating is Cool

Maestre: Officiating is cool!

French FIBA referee and instructor Nicolas Maestre was one of the people who showed a different point of view against the worldwide criticism soccer referee Tony Chapron had to suffer after his red card and kick during Nantes-PSG went viral. Lees “Maestre: Officiating is Cool” verder

Horror Final: Munich 1972

Renato Righetto tells Hank Iba: We have three seconds to go.

Imagine being such a well known referee that you’re going to your fourth Olympic Games. And Imagine getting your third final there.  One can say: You are a big guy then. Brasilian Renato Righetto was a big guy. He officiated over 800 international games between 1960 and 1977, but the Olympic Final of Munich 1972 was the most famous of them all. 
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Expect the unexpected and be prepared!

‘Everything can be prepared’ is a statement of one of our coaches. The higher level you officiate, the more time will be spent in a pregame conversation to see how to act in special situations. And I don’t mean the special situations defined in the official basketball rules. Lees “Expect the unexpected and be prepared!” verder

Come on ref, he was moving!!

Okay let me tell you just once more: A player CAN move! 😉 

It’s often the type of calls that will get you the most -let me put it nicely- feedback from players and coaches. Are we talking charge or block here??

In the early stages of one’s career when you think: Damn, it’s pretty cool this officiating thing! it’s really hard to understand the type of things you witness on court. Hence why FIBA teaching materials are such a great invention! Grab your rulebook and try to get what’s happening in the situations you will see in the clip below.  Lees “Come on ref, he was moving!!” verder

Anne Panther, One of the very best in Europe

Anne Panther from Heidelberg, Germany is one of the best in the business. She stars as the only female referee in the strongest league west of the NBA: The Turkish Airlines Euroleague. Last season the PR department of the league decided to honour the German by dedicating their Weekly highlights to her.  Lees “Anne Panther, One of the very best in Europe” verder

What is your call??

Don’t you wish you had a license plate like this? 🙂

Let’s try something cool. Here’s a clip I found online of a situation we all recognize from our games I’m sure. The great thing about internet is you can replay the clip again and again and again. All so when we meet something in our games, we are able to make a GR8 Call Lees “What is your call??” verder

Officiating’s Cool Masterclass end of March

This years Officiating’s Cool 3 PO Masterclass will take place at Easter 2018. For those of you who don’t have an agenda for next year just yet: March 29 untill April 2st. (thank you @DavidSzots) Internationally famous referee instructor Bob Bhania will lead the staff of the event. Lees “Officiating’s Cool Masterclass end of March” verder

Officiating’s Cool joined forces with Dutch Federation

Little over a year Officiating’s Cool and the Dutch Federation NBB joined forces in a great start of the year. The first major event of 2017 was a big referee clinic where internationally experienced expert shared their knowledge with almost 100 ref-a-holics.  Under read more there’s a nice clip to give a nice impression.  Lees “Officiating’s Cool joined forces with Dutch Federation” verder

Michel Zegwaard stopt met fluiten: the end of an Era

Een van de allerbeste arbiters van Nederland neemt afscheid. Na dertig jaar in de eredivisie (laat dat even op u inwerken, hoeveel spelers waren er vorig jaar ouder dan dertig?) en nog tien jaar langer met fluiten bezig te zijn geweest is voor voormalig FIBA scheidrechter Michel Zegwaard (12 jaar FIBA) het moment gekomen om de fluit aan de wilgen te hangen.  Lees “Michel Zegwaard stopt met fluiten: the end of an Era” verder