Do you agree?? Did you ever call a foul like this?

The clip under the article is a nice one. The trail ref calls an offensive foul. Let’s not get into discussions of primairies and so on, but just observe the call. Did you ever call a foul like this? Do you agree on the call? And hey: if you never called something like this, do you think you missed something? “Do you agree?? Did you ever call a foul like this?” verder lezen

What would you do?

Officiating is cool and as soon as you start recognizing situations and are able to make the right calls, to get plays right, it gets better and better. That’s why we often share nice eclips with interesting situations. As you all know: Everything can be prepared. It’s good to think things trough, if only on the beach with other officiating-junkies. We are happy to share the next clip. What would you do and why?
“What would you do?” verder lezen

Technical foul for an excluded player

Sometimes you cannot avoid punishing players that are already out of the game. On this play, RED-7 commits an Unsportsmanlike Foul against WHITE-24. RED-7 commits his 5th personal foul. After this, during the Dead Ball, RED-7 kicks an advertising board. The Official calls a Technical Foul against the Team Red Coach, recorded as “B”, for the unsportsmanlike conduct by RED-7. “Technical foul for an excluded player” verder lezen

Now what?

It happens to the best of us as is shown in the clip below: One ref calls a foul, the other a violation. It brings us to: Communication. How will the refereeteam handle the situation? In a future blogpost we will share our thoughts on fouls versus violations. But for now: What would YOU do being the trail in this clip? And what would you do being the center?? “Now what?” verder lezen

Don’t get mixed up in between!

Seeing this picture immediately brought back memories of a game I did in 2003 or so together with my well respected collegue TR. It was a game at the highest regional level and in the stands we had our collegue RH as an observer. The game went pretty smooth and by halftime we both had a smile on our face. This was a good game and we were going to get a very good note on this one.  “Don’t get mixed up in between!” verder lezen

Flopping and its penalty

Bob Bhania and Dennis Rodman

One of the reasons I like basketball better than soccer is the rule that if a player fakes a foul in order to have the refs call a foul on his or her opponent it should be enough to warrant a technical foul. Players should win the game by basketball actions, and not by trying to get an unsportsmanlike advantage.
“Flopping and its penalty” verder lezen

U fouls in bits and pieces

No need to review the situation in the clip down here

If a defender initiates excessive rough contact, and not legitematy makes an effort to play the ball (see the clip below) the referee needs to grab his wist above his head.
It’s not anything to make big fuzz about. Players most of the time know very well why you call the U foul. Especially players that are with a hand in the air signaling: ‘ Yes I comitted a foul’ even before your whistle ends.  “U fouls in bits and pieces” verder lezen