Season has started! YOU Make the call

Dutch talents kicked off their season. The guys in blue (you might have guessed it) are their coaches

Okay season has started for lots of us. Yours truly was on court twice last weekend and had to give his first Disqualifying foul in like 12 years. But the game is on! That means we need to up our game. No more freeweeling like perhaps in preseason sometimes is the case. It’s time YOU make the call!
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Charge or block?

One of the best things about season being on its way again is the return of the never ending ‘charge/block’ situations. One can never see too many clips so we have a new nice one. Several nice situations in the clip below. Why don’t you take some to your pregame next weekend and talk about them in your team. Might help a bit in finding the same line!
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Handchecking – including clips!

Yeah I got my handchecking covered!

Most of you referees will have at least a little past as a player. And I don’t know about you guys but I always hated those opponents hands all over my body.
Guess what: There are rules against it!! And it’s very very very important to cover your handchecking decently. Your game will be so much easier if you do.  “Handchecking – including clips!” verder lezen

Refresh! U Fouls

U foul!

Some, or perhaps the most of us went months without calling a game, and I bet there are referees that even went a while without actually watching a game.

Therefor it’s smart to refresh a little about something that changed last year. The U foul found some new situations, and they are in the clips and the documents after  the break.  “Refresh! U Fouls” verder lezen

Oops!! Let’s think what we’d do ourselves

We all know, or at least I hope we do, the rule when another player is going to the freethrowline to shoot the freebees one of his teammates earned. The clip shows a situation where the team with the whistle messes up the situation. But let’s ask ourselves: Are we always sure about who should go to the line? And are there ways to avoid the wrong shooter on the line?? Feel free to bring your tips to the comments section “Oops!! Let’s think what we’d do ourselves” verder lezen