Call it or not??

We all know that we should have an open angle on a play in order to be able to decide wether you want to blow your whistle or not. So let’s check the clip down below and ask ourselves: do we call a foul or are we letting go??

5 gedachten aan “Call it or not??”

  1. No divino llamar la farra por qué la jugada está de espalda a él aparte de eso la jugada es del ocial de abajo si el no la yamo fue por qué no vio contacto

  2. This is very interesting – he was in the pane for more than 3 seconds when he received the ball was involved in the play for the entirety of the same move and took another 2 seonds to get to the hoop. YES – 3 seconds

  3. That happens many times because the judge rushes to charge a foul that he should not have charged from the position he was in, it makes his partner look bad and also does not have a good location to charge the foul

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