Freethrow Violations

There’s a shitload of things that can go wrong during freethrows. We’re not necessarily talking blooperwise, but violations that need to be adressed by the duo or trio. Check the tape Peter McDonald put together and ask yourself: Should I call that as a lead? Should I call it as a center/trailer? And would you call them? Lees “Freethrow Violations” verder

Traveling (refresh)

Rewatching some gametapes from this current season I noticed I am losing a step or two in criteria of traveling violations. Yes off course one remembers that the traveling rule changed recently, but somehow it looks like I’m calling the old criteria. I might be the only one who does, but I doubt it, so here’s a great video by Peter McDonald about the updates we’ve had.  Lees “Traveling (refresh)” verder

Ex Eredivisiescheidsrechter Peter van den Eijnden overleden Nederlandse basketbalgemeenschap heeft met verslagenheid kennis genomen van het bericht, dat na een langdurig ziektebed, voormalig eredivisiescheidsrechter Peter van den Eijnden is overleden. Lees “Ex Eredivisiescheidsrechter Peter van den Eijnden overleden” verder

Officiating is sometimes just being silent

Not every contact is a foul!

Not all contacts should be rewarded with a whistle. And knowing sometimes to be silent will get you a promotion from the group of good referees to that of the great ones. Check the clip Refmate has posted!  Lees “Officiating is sometimes just being silent” verder

Subscription is open! Early Bird discount!

For the fifth time in a row the International Eastercup in Moabit Berlin will host a refereeclinic and just like in previous years Bob Bhania wil highlight the staff. The tournament and the clinic take place from April 18th  to April 22nd. will take care of organising the event in cooperation with the Lions from Moabit. Lees “Subscription is open! Early Bird discount!” verder