Always a Pregame!!

A pre-game conference is absolutely necessary. The concept is to ensure you and your partner(s) are on the same page when officiating together. This promotes good teamwork and good officiating.
Some general topics for pre-game discussion are:
1. Know your areas of responsibility on the floor and avoid having both  referees watch the ball and the players immediately surrounding it.

2. Referee the play away from the ball when it is your primary responsibility.

3. With double calls, establish eye contact with your partner before proceeding with your signal.

Remember: The referee nearest to the play or towards whom the play is moving shall have primary responsibility.

4. Give help when required on out-of-bounds situations, but only when requested to do so by your partner. Get into the habit of establishing eye contact.

5. Try to know at all times, not only where the ball and all the players are located, but also the location of your partner.

6. In fast break situations, especially where the offensive players outnumber those on defence, let the nearest referee make the decision on whether or not to call the foul. Avoid the temptation to make a call when you are ten (10) metres or more away from the action.

7. Blow your whistle for a foul only when it has an effect on the action. Incidental–marginal contact should be ignored.

8. Establish your standards early in the game. The game will become easier to control. Rough and over-aggressive play must always be penalized. The players will adjust to the way you allow them to play.

9. Try to maintain the best possible position and a wide angle of vision between the defensive and offensive players. Be on top of the play having proper distance and being stationary when you make the decision (call or no call).

To help the referees in this matter, FIBA has developed an FIBA iRef Pre-Game App that can be easily
used everywhere to help the referee crew to prepare for the game.
You can download the application from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Taken from: Fiba’s Manual for IoT, august 2020

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