14 seconds and overtime with: Priit Parnala

Priit in 2016!


One of the most amazing things of officiating’s cool is the fact that you develop international friendships and get to see refs develop over the years. After three years on our clinic in Berlin he will be back for another run this year and I’m proud to star him in the first edition of 14 seconds and overtime : Our Estonian ambassador: Priit Parnala!

14: Who are you, where you from, and what level do you officiate?
Well, I’m Priit , I´m from Estonia, 29 years old. I ref women top league and men I division.
13: Do you remember the first game you ever did? Tell us something about it
I remember my first one: its was a teachers tournament. They gave me the whistle and said: lets go. I called only serious fouls like U-fouls in normal games. And I called a backcourt violation. I had no idea, what to do. Somehow it liked me and still i’m doing it *smiles* I was 16 when I started
12: When did you discover: Hey, officiating is cool, and went on to take it more seriously?
After a final 8 tournament in Finland I started to think I know something about refereeing: that final, what I had, gave me lot of motivation. After that, I have taken refereeing more seriously: I to go gym 2 to 3 times a week if season is going. Offseason 4-5 times per week. I read different articles, watch videos, ask advice and feedback from other refs. Watching my games and analyzing them is a If I have something to ask, watching my games and analyzing them
11: Tell us about your best game ever?
I haven´t done my best: i hope, that game is still coming, because I´m learning do to games well. I hope that after game, I can say: This was good! . There is one game I have done that is worth to talk about. It was not my best one, but I will remember it forever. It was at the C Boys and Girls Final 8 tournament: The best teams in Finland. On Saturday night we had a meeting, where they did summary, what had happened that day. Offcourse everyone was waiting for next days nominations. They sent us to our rooms to wait for the nominations. We were waiting for more than an hour in our rooms. I was too nervous to go to sleep. Finally they sent the message. I heard piep pip on my phone. I opened the message: 2 games! The surprise was big! I got 1 semifinal and boys final! After that I phoned a friend of mine. He told me try to sleep and don’t overthink it! Also he gave me good tips for the game. I was very touched, because in that clinic were 16 referees including me. It was 2015 in spring
10: Tell us about your biggest blunder?
That was in small tournament: a game played between a green and a yellow team. Then there was out of bounds situation and I said loudly: Blue ball! Okay: one more I once went to a game with two right shoes. My highschool coach found me pair of shoes: White and size 49. My size is 47…
9: Describe what a gameday looks like?
A day before the game, crewchief take contact with his/her partnwe and make a deal, who we going the game or what we will meet at game place before game. If the game is far away, like 120 kilometres and more, then we go by car. Usually someone pick me up. In the car, we talk a little the game, what we will have: what teams are playing, then interesting playes, coaches and so on. We arrive to the gym 1 hour before game. Then small coffee and go to change clothes. 20 minutes before game we go to court. During driving home, we have discuss about the game. I get back like 9-10 pm.
8: What do you like about reffing?
The feeling  I get, if I have game in hall full of people
7: Who’s your reffing-idol?
Sasa Pukl
6: What tournaments do you recommend for refs?
If you have chance to go abroad to the tournament, just go. Its interesting be in another country and its all a bit different, what is in your own country.
5: Favourite pre-game meal?
Tupla chocolate
4: Favourite movie?
Fast&Furious 5. Like all movies in that series. I´m waiting the 9th
3: Best book you can recommend?
Tõde ja Õigus. This book is classic in Estonian literatuure
2: Any artists you’d like to recommend?
Cheek, Bloodhound Gang and Vennaskond
1: Finish this one: Officiating is cool because…
I have had chance to travel a lot (being in different countries) and meet new friends.

Bonusquestion: 3po or 2po and why?

Ofcourse 3PO. Its much easier: you have extra eyes at court. In 2PO you have only 4 eyes. Secondly you run less than with 2PO, plus you have less areas to cover. If you have done a game with 3PO and your next is with 2Po, you feel the difference!

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