Come-back Kuut

Joske Kuut will be back after two editions of absence. Welcome back Joske! 

It’s with great pleasure and pride we announce our next coach for the refereecamp that will take place this easter in Berlin at the International Moabit Tournament. She was a part of the first staff of our camp in 2015, and she will return in 2018 for edition 4: Joske Kuut! Kuut has been a FIBA referee for several years with the Supercup Women semifinal in 2015 as her highlight. She started her national career in 2003 doing the ‘promotiedivisie'(national 2) league game between BV Hoofddorp and DAS Delft. In 2008 she reached the highest level in Holland: Mens highest league between Landstede Zwolle and ZZ Leiden with former FIBAreferee Michel Zegwaard and Reinier van der Sluis/

Besides her stints in Berlin she was the chief of refereecoaching of the Copenhagen Invitational in 2015 as well. Now after an absence of two years in Berlin she will be back: ‘I’m very much looking forward to being back in Berlin. The 2015 group was great and we had lots of fun. The following years I had to cancel, but now I can be back again. I look forward to seeing everybodies development, and I’m very curious about the improvements, both of the participants as the tournament itself’

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